Danse Macabre, 2014 Titles: 11 - Total running time: 44:00

Minimal-Electro with pumping basslines and lashing drums come up against the apocalyptic lyrics of Bettina Bormann. After the minimalistic debut "10 Grad vor OT" (2008, 10 Degrees before TDC), the cynical successor "Erde ruft" (Ground calls, 2009) and the bizarre "Stiller Zoo" (2010, Silent Zoo) now follows with "Desiderat" the fourth album of the German Electro-Duo Oberer Totpunkt: Musically more aggressive than the previous, merciless in the word world - cutting, disturbing. (mehr)

8 Nur ein Traum (Just a dream)

115 bpm ::: 5:17 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"My sun is on her way,  my stars follow her,  in my world I am the center  – I’m creating my own universe!    In..." >> Lyrics

9 Fremde Seele (Strange soul)

140 bpm ::: 4:23 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"This way how you look at me,  this way how you behave,  this way how you smile at me,  this way how you..." >> Lyrics

10 Sei auf der Hut! (Be careful!)

142 bpm ::: 3:51 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"And if I experienced,  that your love to me is just a lie ...    And if I found out,  that you are kissing..." >> Lyrics

5 Das Leben wartet nicht auf Dich (Life will not wai

80 bpm ::: 4:45 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"How old time has become.  With hanging features and stooping back.  A blind eye, a lame leg.  And hands as shaky as leaves..." >> Lyrics

6 Spiegel im Käfig (Mirror in the cage)

115 bpm ::: 5:20 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"I hang a mirror in my room like a budgie, then I'm no longer alone   I'm afraid I'm so afraid I'm so afraid of..." >> Lyrics

7 Alle lügen (Everybody is telling lies)

85 bpm ::: 3:42 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"They say:  I love you, I won’t forget you, I’m thinking of you – and everybody is telling lies.    They say:  Trust in me,..." >> Lyrics

1 Es war immer so (Same as it ever was)

90 bpm ::: 3:37 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"I’m standig here and circle  in myself   Am not here Not by myself Not with you Not really here Want to go No hideaway Without a plan  Without an aim   Same..." >> Lyrics

2 Langfristig gesehen sind wir alle tot (In the long

125 bpm ::: 3:47 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"You have stopped, to be upset, and begun, to abandon yourself. In the long run we all are dead.  Remember, presence is a..." >> Lyrics

3 (Das ist nicht) Meine Welt (This is not) My World

125 bpm ::: 3:00 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"I will no longer join this masquerade, don’t let myself be controlled by expectations. Walk a pace! Tag along! Keep still!  Shut your mouth! ... Learn..." >> Lyrics

4 Geisterfahrt (Ghost ride)

85 bpm ::: 3:30 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Your god is listless,  vour god is dead,  leaves you alone,  leaves you in need.    You long for mercy,  you long for bliss,  oblige fate  just a..." >> Lyrics

11 Hab keine Angst, mein Freund (Don´t be afraid, my

110 bpm ::: 2:59 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Keep calm, my friend,  and let life go.  Don’t hold tight, what wants to flee from you.  Wave the travellers –  they follow their..." >> Lyrics


Dance Macabre, 2010 Titles: 12 - Total running time: 46:23

Myths, fairy tales, legends or stories from the bible have something in common – they have been written by humans, who wanted to impart something: alignment and truth, the attempt to order chaos and declare significance to arbitrariness. Stories help us to channel fears. (mehr)

1 Staub

120 bpm ::: 2:09 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Some people engage themselves in things that are so small, that they nearly can’t be seen with the naked eye. They can..." >> Lyrics

2 Es war einmal

110 bpm ::: 4:02 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"“On the long run we are all dead”   Once upon a time there was a little princess, who loved to look in..." >> Lyrics

3 Die Vogelhochzeit

112 bpm ::: 4:01 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"In the dark forest, there lies a maid, who wears a dress which once was nice. Quiet she rests on moss an..." >> Lyrics

4 Zorn des Drachen

125 bpm ::: 2:42 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Gloomy daylight threatens, night suppresses day, hide away, because you failed, time of rage has come.   Hurry, hurry, poor creature, the dragon shows no..." >> Lyrics

5 Gevatter Tod

125 bpm ::: 3:58 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"When Vlad was a boy, he saw how his father and mother were tortured to death. The warriors, who were after..." >> Lyrics

6 1001 Nacht

105 bpm ::: 4:31 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Once upon a time there was a sultan, Aladin, who lived with his beautiful daughter in a palace. His wife died..." >> Lyrics

7 Teufels Lehrerin

100 bpm ::: 4:39 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Look around, she said. And he gazed around. What he saw was a world in which everybody created his own hell.  They don’t need..." >> Lyrics

8 Nervenfieber

120 bpm ::: 3:51 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Afterwards they said, it was a nervous fever.  But it was not.  Simple explanations are never true. Only simple brains accept lullabys.  It began..." >> Lyrics

9 Gefangen im Vergangenen

130 bpm ::: 5:30 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Imagine you dreamt, the same dream each night.  Night for night the same images, the same fears.  But then you find out,..." >> Lyrics

10 Paul Ist Tot

78 bpm ::: 7:41 min [Peter Hein, Fehlfarben, Bettina Bormann, Michael K]

"(Original by "Fehlfarben", Monarchie und Alltag, Lyrics & Vocals: Peter Hein )   I look around and see only ruins,  maybe because something is..." >> Lyrics

11 Sternenstaub

120 bpm ::: 1:14 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Once upon a time...  there was a grain of dust, which had made a very long journey. Actually it came from another..." >> Lyrics

12 Es wird einmal gewesen sein

120 bpm ::: 2:07 min [Bettina Bormann, Michael Krüger]

"Once upon a time it will have been   The Love of the Sailors (Comedian Harmonists, Germany, 1931)   This is the love of..." >> Lyrics


Danse Macabre, 2009 Titles: 11 - Total running time: 50:02

Time’s running out, time’s getting short – ground calls... Seize the day, which they call life; it is all we have... The album follows the circle from birth, wrong life, madness and boast, up to death as a trans-formation, as result of persecution, oppression and inequity, proscribed suicide and at last the moment of dying itself. The hymn of armageddon (dies irae, day of anger) fulfills the circle. (mehr)

1 Blutmond

138 bpm ::: 3:43 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"Bloodmoon... shine on...   I remember a wonderful time in my own universe, a phase without sorrow and pain. Warm dreaming Nothing around..." >> Lyrics

2 Hamburg

105 bpm ::: 5:07 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"Hamburg, Hamburg, my city nightmare, what you experience here, is nearly not to believe, call yourself “gate to the world”, sitting on..." >> Lyrics

3 Schlacht

125 bpm ::: 3:50 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"Chorus: Battle Do you want do see the true martyr? That’s me!  Chorus: Battle You and your liars nailed me to the cross! Because you..." >> Lyrics

4 Sie sind da

84 bpm ::: 4:30 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"They are there.  Very close.  When you watch exactly, when you blink your eyes and watch very exactly, you can recognize them. And..." >> Lyrics

5 Gaia

120 bpm ::: 5:45 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"I often saw her... ...the woman with violet veined tear face, seagreen smile in mosy mouth. Her soul damaged of selfhatred and fear.  Ducked..." >> Lyrics

6 Hexenjagd

160 bpm ::: 4:55 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"Lilith was the name of Adams first wife. She was beautiful. And passionate. She was proud. And Adam was mad for..." >> Lyrics

7 Imperator

125 bpm ::: 3:28 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"The murderer lies in fever delusion, his wife tears her hair,  he cries in coma, is far away, remembers what happened once:  pale sceletons..." >> Lyrics

8 Letzter Gang

90 bpm ::: 4:21 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"That cannot have hurt so much.  I am your darkest phantasy. The obscurest trauma you ever met. And your last.  But actually I..." >> Lyrics

9 Sepultura Asini

90 bpm ::: 3:05 min [Bettina Bormann / Michael Krüger]

"(Donkey funeral lat.: "sepultura asini") (Augustinus (354–430) was the first who sentenced suicide as evil)   The one who kills himself has a rough..." >> Lyrics

10 Erde Ruft

124 bpm ::: 10:24 min [Bettina Bormann/ Michael Krüger]

"The moment when he died was exactly how he always imagined it. When he was a pupil he had to give..." >> Lyrics

11 Dies Irae (Tage Des ZORNS)

66 bpm ::: 1:15 min [Thomas v. Celano (†1220), mittelalterlicher Hymnus]

"A middleage hymn of armageddon, which was sung as a requiem.   Dies irae dies illa, Solvet saeclum in favilla: Teste David cum Sibylla.   Quantus..." >> Lyrics



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