The Danse Macabre label was founded in Bayreuth in 1990. The founding members included Bruno Kramm (Das Ich) and Norbert Juhas, while Horst Braun, Oswald Henke (Goethe’s heirs), Regina Mayer, Stefan Pickl, Stefan Ackermann (Das Ich) and Gesine Finder joined the team. The label mainly produced dark wave and electro bands such as Relatives Mensch sein, Placebo Effect, yelworC, Goethes Erben, Printed at Bismarck’s Death or Das Ich, Kramm’s own band.

What was noticeable for the label was the number of artists whose main focus was on setting German-language texts to music. The genre that emerged from this was defined by Horst Braun and the music journalist Svenjoy as the New German Art of Death and quickly received in the press, especially by the independent magazine Zillo.

Danse Macabre was founded by Bruno Kramm in Bayreuth as a classical music cassette label. From the beginning, the affiliated recording studio was the creative nucleus of the label. The label’s bands were able to experiment and produce in the studio, which after moving to the premises on Jean Paul Strasse in Bayreuth comprised several recording rooms and a separate mastering studio. The studio was also for many record companies such as Massacre Records, Dependent, Trisol and many others. active.


After moving to the premises of Cottenau Castle in the Franconian Forest, the catalog was greatly expanded and the online sales and media marketing business area was opened up by the in-house magazine NEGAtief. After an early phase at the digital aggregator Kontor New Media, Danse Macabre moved to the leading international aggregator Believe Digital.

Bruno Kramm reactivated the label in 2005. Since then, it has also been dedicated to futurepop or Hellektro or groups from the metal and alternative rock environment. Bands currently working with the label are (besides Das Ich) Faith and the Muse , Christ vs. Warhol, Devil-M, Shadow Minds, Compulsory Skin, Geist, Metallspürhunde, Rozencrantz, Seelenzorn, Soul in Sadness, Treibhaus, Sanity Obscure, Oberer Totpunkt, Concrete/Rage, Nova-Spes, Logic & Olivia, Schwarzer Schnee and The Snatcher. Biohazzard Records is one of the Sublabels of Danse Macabre (with TS-Musix und afmusic).

Today, branches such as the studio and the promotion are located in the outskirts of Potsdam (Wublitzsee) and the central warehouse at Cottenau Castle.

Distribution partner:
Deutschland: Alive AG
BeNeLux: Sonic Rendezvous
Finnland: Supersounds
Schweden, Norwegen, Dänemark: Border Music
Frankreich: Soundworks / Season of Mist
Italien: Audioglobe
Ungarn: Indiego
Bulgarien: Wizard
UK: Plastic Head
Polen, Slowakei, Tschechien: Mystic Productions


Bruno Kramm, Unterschicht, Oberer Totpunkt, XO-Planet, Tom Wendt
OT, Bruno Kramm, Negatief