::OT:: OBERER TOTPUNKT („TDC”, „Top dead center“) is the music project of Hamburg-based Singer-/Songwriter Bettina Bormann and Drummer/Composer Michael Krüger. They have released five Albums  on the Wave-Gothic-Label Danse Macabre Records.  ::OT:: performs live with Guitar, Theremin, Drums and Percussions as Duo or live musician Stefan Frost (Guitar), Denis Scheither (Synth) and Guests. They made numerious remixes of Bands and are reguarly on tour throughout Germany, Suisse, Austria, USA and beyond.

„::OT:: (Top Dead Center) is one of the most dynamic and innovative Dark-Electro-Bands i know. It has so many impressive twists, many great atmospheric moments, haunting vocal job or speeches of Bettina Bormann, and a lot of rhytmic lines of Drummer and Composer Michael Krüger that constantly drill into the brains of the listener. I‘m only sorry that I don‘t understand German because the lyrics in here have a lot of importance. Great Stuff, Guys!” Thomas TV, Terra

„The music of Oberer Totpunkt is bursting with varied compositions in the area of tension between electro, EBM and bizarre rock. The madness of the present is shown precisely and sometimes angrily or coldly. :: OT :: works completely unimpressed by the penchant for conformity“ Peter Heymann, Sonic Seducer

„David Lynch would really enjoy :: OT :: Dark electro, driving grooves and acid-etching sound design. The lyrics are the unleashing of a nightmare eclipse: a melange of sophisticated industrial beats by drummer Michael Krüger, ensnared by tough ,spoken-word-lyrics‘ whose philosophical excursions decode the traumatic visions of soul-racking questions.” Tom Schäfer, Sticks 

„:: OT :: Oberer Totpunkt is danceable entertainment with depth: there is a lot to offer musically and lyrically: an atmospherically dense and creative fusion of dark electro, industrial with rock and wave elements. Bettina Bormann and Michael Krüger are always good for surprises and understand their craft.“  Nic Arndt, Avalost

„The fragile state of affairs between the neurotic bustle of our society and its deadly collapse has never been so impressively and terrifyingly illuminated! like ::OT:: do“ Bruno Kramm, Danse Macabre Records

Bettina Bormann (Lyrics & Vocals, Theremin)
Michael Krüger (Composing, Bass, Drums, Back-Vocals)

Stefan Frost (Gitarre & Bass, Back-Vocals)

Denis Scheither (Keyboard, Bass, Back-Vocals)
Reaktor 4 (Performance)

Tom Wendt: Guitar and Mastering: Studio: Skating Dog
Label: Danse Macabre Records

Oberer Totpunkt (OT). Top dead center (TDC) is the highest point that the piston occupies during its up-and-down movement in the cylinder. It is the time at which the piston changes direction. The ignition timing is regularly prior to reaching the TDC and, in order to achieve a good efficiency, is moved further forward with increasing speed – similar to life and dead.

DISCOGRAPHY (Studio albums)
2009 10 GRAD VOR OT (10 Degrees before TDC) CD 
2009 ERDE RUFT (Ground calls) CD
2010 STILLER ZOO (Silent zoo) CD
2017 NEUROSEN BLÜHEN (Neurosis blooming), CD
2021 #6 CD